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AMS Workplace Culture

Is your Workplace Culture Driving or Hindering Success?

“Company culture is the backbone of any successful organization.”
— Gary Vaynerchuk

Can a business drive success through culture?

Imagine being part of a workplace that drives a positive workplace culture, that places equal importance on this and their business strategy!

There are many moving parts to building a great culture at work, and it is essential in keeping employees engaged and motivated. It is built up of multiple factors – company values, beliefs, and attitudes that individuals share. Leadership, management and the strategic direction of a company are also pivotal in developing a great workplace culture.

By aligning the values, beliefs, and attitudes of the business with a strong leadership and management team who emphasize workplace practices and prioritize their employees, a positive workplace culture is able to be fueled and contribute to the success of the business.

And if achieved, a great workplace culture will attract talent, performance and general employee satisfaction.

AMS has taken significant steps in creating a strong culture and fostering collaboration and communication within the team. They have taken the private clinic setting to the next level and created a unique environment, one recognised and accepted by all new and existing clients.

“Culture is the character and personality of an organization”; at AMS, we have developed this character well enough for clients to be welcomed warmly and feel at home whilst visiting the clinic, which in turn strengthens their sense of community. Furthermore, this has helped AMS succeed as a business, by naturally creating that drive, motivation, and engagement within staff; allowing them to project this energy within our clients.

How else have we achieved this?

Mission, Vision, and Values
AMS is heavily driven by their company values – wow experience, respect, trusted advice and owning the outcome. Our staff represent these values in everything they do and take pride in ensuring clients leave with a positive impression.

Our management team makes the effort to interact with the staff, to communicate and emphasize the business direction, to discuss the vision and to welcome staff to embark on the journey and be part of the foundations. We make the effort to celebrate success, and champion and recognise each other through monthly team meetings and weekly updates. We also communicate what we expect through our policies and procedures, and help empower our employees to make decisions as needed.

Most importantly, we invest time in creating an experience through yearly culture days, where we have the opportunity to dedicate time to bringing our team together and nurturing our relationship.

We hire talent and people with different skill sets and backgrounds that undoubtedly contribute to our existing culture. We place importance on staff development so that our employees are giving the best care to our clients, through weekly mentoring sessions with Senior Clinicians, and monthly catch-ups with the Clinic Manager to continue fostering that open communication and trust amongst each other.

Work Environment
It can be daunting walking into a clinic and not knowing what to expect: whether the problem or injury at hand will get better, whether the grass is greener on the other side, and so on. As humans, our thought patterns tend to unconsciously be negative in nature. To address this we’ve created an easy going and worry free space that is welcoming to our clients – both external and internal (employees), making it effortless to walk in, either for work or to be treated.

Like in any industry, the culture in a workplace is able to change and evolve, reiterating the fact that there is no right or wrong way to go about it. Leaders are expected to focus on factors that can contribute to a positive working environment, however, there is a chance that this is not always the case. What is important is the acknowledgement that even the slightest contribution will help make it a success.

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