Pilates Classes in Parramatta

Pilates Group Classes Have Now Been Replaced With CLINICAL CORE CLASSES!

AMS will continue to offer one on one Pilates, however due to the Government changes to Private Health Insurance Pilates will not be covered by your health insurance. Click here If you would like to try our Pilates inspired Clinical Core Classes.


Active Movement Studio provides mat based clinical pilates in Parramatta CBD. Individualised sessions are run by physiotherapists so that you can rest assured your spine is in safe hands. Physiotherapists ensure that the exercises are safe, challenging and progressed individually according to your needs. No matter what type of condition, pain or disorder you have Pilates is the perfect way rebuild your core muscles, strength and endurance.


All conditions, pains, and injuries will be accommodated within the pilates sessions as the rehabilitation exercises will be tailored to you by an experience Physiotherapist. The Physiotherapist will ensure that you are given safe and effective exercises to help reduce pain and increase your spinal stability.

Common conditions which benefit from pilates include:
– Lower back pain
– Neck and shoulder dysfunction
– SIJ and pelvic instability and pain
– Post-natal and pelvic floor dysfunction
– Poor postural control
– Post spinal rehabilitation


There’s a wide range of physical and mental benefits with Pilates as you increase your mindfulness and body awareness. Physical benefits include:
– improved posture and body awareness
– increased core strength and muscle tone
– improved pelvic floor function
– reduce your incidence of injury and relapse of spinal pain
– improved functional strength and sports performance

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Our Pilates sessions in Parramatta are highly specialised with individual care taken to meet your needs. All new patients are comprehensively assessed by our Physiotherapist prior to engaging in any Pilates sessions!

A casual 40 minute session costs $99.00.

AMS Pilates Packages Include:

Pilates 8 Pack = $720 (Save $72)  |  Pilates 16 Pack = $1280 (Save $304)

Give us a call if you would like to speak to one our staff about booking your first session on (02) 8849 0394.


Before commencing pilates you will have a one on one assessment with the Physiotherapist to assess your spine and core muscles. The Physiotherapist will be able to further devise which stabilisation exercises are appropriate to ensure your safe transition into the pilates class. Within this session we will cover the basics of core activation, pelvic control and cover some of the main pilates movements.


With one on one Pilates session you get the undivided attention of the Physiotherapist who can cater to your condition, injury and goals. You also get the flexibility of booking outside of our regular class timetables allowing us to work within your busy schedule. If you would prefer group classes please see our Clinical Core Classes.


Individual Pilates sessions will run for 40 minutes in length and will include a combination of stretching, mobility and mat pilates based core exercises.
We use a combination of Pilates rings, foam rollers, light weights and resistance bands to challenge the core muscles and exercise progression.

Bring comfortable clothing, water bottle and a towel.