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The AMS Exercise Physiology approach offers patients with an unique entry point for reconnecting their body with movement based interventions. Prior to engaging in exercise, our Exercise Physiologists conduct a comprehensive biomechanical and postural assessment. The assessment is designed to identify any range of motion restrictions, postural imbalances, muscular weakness and functional limitations. Assessment outcomes identify crucial elements that require rehabilitation to reduce your risk of injury or developing muscular pain.

Why AMS? Patients get to take advantage of our unique programs run within our boutique exercise studio in Parramatta. You will receive an exceptional level of care by our university qualified exercise professionals benefiting from a faster recovery time.


Is your body preventing you from doing the things you enjoy in life? Let us help you unlock your full movement potential with our Integrated Health Program developed by our leading experts. The program combines Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology by integrating both professions into one consultation speeding up your recovery time.

If you have been struggling with constant body aches, pain and ongoing injuries this program is tailored for you. Our health professionals will: 1. identify the real problem causing you pain, 2. provide tailored programs progressing towards pain free movement, 3. provide you with preventative strategies to stop recurrence, 4. empower you to maintain good health long term. View Client Testimonials to see what our clients have to say about the program. Click here to get started with your Physiotherapy Assessment today.


At AMS our core focus is movement. Our team practise what they preach and believe the key to optimal health is through integrating active movement. Our practitioners have developed unique exercise programs delivering effective patient outcomes. We help you reconnect your body with exercise improving your quality of life.

Doctors and specialists are recognising the important role exercise plays in treating, managing and preventing various chronic conditions. Exercise is a powerful tool that can improve your bone health, blood lipid profile, aerobic fitness, level of strength and reduce pain. Remember, ageing is inevitable, disease and pain is preventable.


Implementing a specific pre-operative exercise program will significantly enhance your post-operative recovery. Our programs focus on improving your flexibility, balance, strength, proprioception and pain management prior to surgery.

At AMS we have your post surgery rehabilitation covered. You will commence intensive physiotherapy to reduce inflammation and pain, improve mobility and restore function. On progression, you will transition from physiotherapy to exercise physiology. This stage of rehab will focus on redeveloping normal movement patterns and increasing strength and stability in the surrounding joints.


At AMS, our movement specialists have experience working with complex clients diagnosed with multiple chronic diseases. Exercise forms a significant component of treating various conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease.

Your doctor will determine whether you fit the CDM eligibility and can organise a referral to see one of our Exercise Physiologists. Our practitioners are all registered Medicare providers and are available to help you today.


The Chronic Disease Management (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC) enables Doctors to refer clients to various allied health providers such as Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology. The CDM usually involves a multidisciplinary approach to patient care which is instigated by your Doctor. Clients may be eligible for five supervised sessions with our Exercise Physiologist.

Do you have private health insurance? Our Exercise Physiologists are now recognised by over 30 private health funds. Our practise is HICAPS registered allowing you to claim on the spot for your service.

Is your posture effecting your health? Claim your GAP FREE posture screen TODAY!


Here at AMS, we pride ourselves on your success. Our experienced team will leave you feeling confident knowing you are in safe hands. Our practitioners work together to ensure you receive the highest level of care. Our clinical programs and exercise prescription is supported by the latest evidence based research provided by Exercise Sports Science Australia and Exercise is Medicine.



Injured at work? AMS can assist you with your rehabilitation. Our Exercise Physiologists conduct a thorough initial assessment to determine your functional capacity for work. Our goal is to help you regain full function prior to returning to full work duties.


Our Exercise Physiologists are registered providers with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). AMS practitioners specialise in tailored exercise prescription for clients with various disability. Our facility is located on ground level and is wheelchair friendly.


Recently diagnosed you with diabetes, what’s next? AMS runs specific exercise programs to help you better manage your diabetes. You can receive Medicare rebates for up to 8 group exercise sessions provided by our Exercise Physiologists. Book an appointment to get started today!

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