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Physiotherapy Clinical Core Classes

Our Clinical Core classes are Physiotherapy run and utilise a combination of Clinical Pilates exercises and Physiotherapy rehabilitation. We start off by assessing your spine, pelvis and deep core muscles before starting on your Stronger Core Program. With our expert Physiotherapy guided program you can be assured you are in safe hands.

The class consists of a series of mat based exercises targeting the stability of your spine, pelvis, shoulders and hips. Depending on your injury or condition the Physiotherapist will gradually and safely challenge these areas to build up the stability and strength, reducing the risk of re-injuring your self or flaring up your condition.

No matter what type of condition, pain or disorder you have, the AMS Clinical Core Class is the perfect start to rebuilding your core muscles strength and endurance.


Get started by booking your Clinical Core Initial Assessment

Is this the right class for me?

  • Have you experienced pain in your back, neck or pelvis in the last 12 months?
  • Are you concerned about your condition or pain worsening?
  • Do you want to start exercising but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you looking to prevent injuries by increasing your core strength? 

If you answered yes then the AMS Clinical Core Classes are a great safe, supervised and effective way to get a strong, healthy and stabile spine.

All conditions, pains, and disorders will be accommodated within the Clinical Core Class. Research and evidence supports the use of Pilates based exercises for conditions such as Chronic neck and lower back pain, SIJ  and pelvis instability. We will ensure you are given safe and effective exercises to help reduce pain and increase your spinal stability.

Our classes are 45 minutes in length and held in our private AMS studio in Parramatta CBD.



There’s a wide range of physical and mental benefits with focused core exercises as you increase your mindfulness and body awareness. Physical benefits include:
– improved posture and body awareness
– increased core strength and muscle tone
– improved pelvic floor function
– reduce your incidence of injury and re-injury
– improved functional strength and sports performance

Classes are limited to 6 per class to ensure you get the most benefit out of each session by correctly performing the exercises.

Get Your First Class FREE with your Initial Assessment 



Our classes in Parramatta are highly specialised with individual care taken to meet your needs. All new patients are comprehensively assessed by our Physiotherapist and include a postural screen, spinal mobility check and core strength assessment.  In addition to this assessment you will also be instructed on the correct spine and pelvic movement sequence, muscle activation pattern and breathing techniques.  The cost of this 30 Minute assessment is $120 and includes your first class FREE!


A casual single visit class is $40 per session.

Packages Include:

8 Pack = $280 (Save $40)

16 Pack = $480 (Save $160)


Before commencing our classes you will have a one on one assessment with the Physiotherapist to assess your spine and core muscles. You will need to book an appointment with one of our AMS Physiotherapists. This can be completed Online or simply give us a call on  (02) 8849 0394.


The initial assessment will include your first FREE Clinical Core class and will be covered by private health insurance.  Classes can also be claimed if covered by Health Insurance for Physiotherapy Group Classes (560 HICAPS Code).


Pilates classes run for 45 minutes in length and will include a combination of stretching, mat pilates based core exercises, mobility and functional strength. We use a combination of Pilates rings, foam rollers, light weights and resistance bands to challenge the core muscles and exercise progression.

Please bring comfortable clothing, water bottle and a towel. Don’t forget to book in advance to secure your spot as classes are limited to 6 participants.

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