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Elissa Bayeh

Elissa Bayeh

Clinical Assistant

Elissa is a new member of the AMS family, joining as a Receptionist and Clinical Assistant. She is currently completing a combined Bachelor of Exercise Science/ Master of Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology at the University of New South Wales. Elissa aims to bring her study and experience in strength training to the sports injuries field in the future.

Elissa made the switch from hypertrophy to strength training and has never looked back. She currently trains for competitive powerlifting in the Australian Powerlifting Union (APU). Her first sanctioned competition is in 2023 and she strives to progress as a high-level athlete in the sport. Elissa has learnt to prioritise mobility and rehabilitation to work through a hip injury from her early days of training. Overcoming this injury has pushed her towards her career path as she aims to help others overcome physical and mental barriers to achieve greatness.

She enjoys the typical snacking on sour lollies and napping between sets, but if you can catch her outside the gym, you’ll find her cooking up a storm or going on spontaneous car rides with friends.

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