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Christine Dang

Christine Dang

Ignite Coach 

Christine has a special interest in:

  • Musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation
  • Lower back pain
  • Pilates and core strengthening
  • Exercise-based rehabilitation
  • Chronic disease management

Christine has had experience in hospitals and private practice, also having specialised in rheumatology in the past.

She has treated a multitude of conditions and injuries involving the neck, shoulder, thoracic and abdominal region, lower back, hip, knee, ankle and foot, across different stages of recovery from acute through to chronic stages.

Christine graduated from the University of Sydney with a Master of Physiotherapy, after having completed a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Physiology at the University of New South Wales. She is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

She has also completed the following courses:

  • RockTape Course
  • Women & Leadership Impact Program
  • Integrated Dry Needling

Having done martial arts in her younger years and seeing a physiotherapist after injuring herself, Christine developed an interest in wanting to help others improve their function and reach their goals. She also had influence from her grandfather who always encouraged her to seek a career where she could help others feel better.

Christine has an intense belief in treating clients with a holistic approach, often considering how mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health can affect overall wellbeing. She loves learning about health and wellness by listening to podcasts, watching materials and reading books.
She has a strong interest in helping people find enjoyment in movement and exercise, and helping clients figure out and understand their “why” for wanting to improve their lifestyle overall. By wanting to live a life of fulfillment and joy herself, she encourages the same for her clients, and strives to keep the accountability in their hands, alongside her close guidance.

You will often see her thinking deeply about where your pain and discomfort is truly coming from, and will hear her say that aches and pains are often the result of other areas in your body not working well, and not the problem.

Christine is a curious person who loves all things food, arts, gaming, cosy living and most importantly, health and wellness. If you are curious to know more about how your body works from Christine’s point of view, and understand how to work towards long term solutions and injury prevention, book in today!

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