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AMS Boxing is a fun and interactive way to get fit and strong. Here at AMS boxing, we ensure you are taught the correct boxing technique and skills. Techniques and combinations are progressed through each class to not only challenge your body but also your mind.

Due to the high intensity of the class, each person is assessed by one of health professionals prior to commencing the class. We include a full postural and movement based screening to identify any high injury risk areas. From the results of our screening we can then cater to your individual health and fitness needs within the class.


Boost your metabolism
Weight loss
Increased muscle toning
Increased aerobic capacity
Increased self-confidence
Learn self-defense skills
Social and fun setting


If you have your own boxing gloves please bring them along, however we do have gloves you can borrow at the studio. For hygiene reasons we request you purchase cotton inners for use inside the boxing gloves, these will be available at the reception desk. We also recommend the use of hand wraps or wrist straps to support your hand and wrist and prevent injury, again these are also available at reception for purchase.

Limited spots available per class, secure YOUR spot


Our AMS boxing classes are  a huge hit with our Team Training Members. The boxing class is a great way to grow in strength and confidence. Due to the high intensity of boxing you’ll also burn a lot of calories in short amount of time!
Book in a session today and see how much fun a boxing class really is!

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