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Roslyn Salazar Carrillo

Roslyn Salazar Carrillo


Roslyn initially joined the AMS team as the Clinic Manager and has progressed to Operations Manager. Having completed a Bachelor of Business and helping set up two health insurance companies encouraged her to continue her career in Management, and the Health Industry. Working in such a diverse environment enabled her to develop a wide skill set, which was company recognised and awarded by the CEO in her previous role.

Prior to joining AMS as the Clinic Manager, she was one of AMS’s foundation members; and what sparked her interest in joining the clinic as a client, was AMS’s approach in helping individuals keep active and moving, whilst ensuring a great focus on technique and client’s overall well-being.

Her interest in fitness in the last few years also motivated her to continue playing sports, particularly Soccer, which was her most played sport in her younger years.

Roslyn is a self-motivated, driven, and knowledgeable individual, who enjoys a challenge; and is always willing to assist wherever possible. She is passionate about collaborating, empowering, and inspiring others to reach their full potential.

Aside from her professional life, she will always find any moment to escape, venture the world, and explore new cultures. She hopes to continue travelling and building on new experiences.

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