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AMS High Intensity Interval Training is the fastest and most efficient way to get fit, lose weight and tone up. Each class offers a variety of resistance, body weight and cardio exercises so it never gets boring. The best part of HIIT training is that your metabolism gets a big kick and will continue to burn fat long after the class has ended.

Due to the high intensity of the class, each person is assessed by one of health professionals prior to commencing the class. The AMS active movement screen is utilised to identify what areas you need to work on and any movements that you need to avoid. From the results of our screening we can then cater to your individual health and fitness needs within the class.


Boost your metabolism
Reduce body fat
Increased muscle toning
Increased aerobic capacity
Time efficient training
Social and fun setting


Each AMS class is carefully planned to ensure you burn the most energy (calories) in the shortest period of time. Numerous studies have shown the benefits of HIIT as high intensity exercises raises your heart rate not only during the session but continues for hours after the session as finished. As your energy expenditure is matched to your heart rate, this means you’ll continue to burn fat for hours after the class has finished.

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High Intensity Interval Training

AMS HIIT is the most efficient and effective way to lose weight, tone up and get fit all within 45 minutes. You’ll leave the studio on a high knowing that you’re one class closer to reaching your fitness and health goals. Book in today and see why the AMS HIIT class will take your fitness and health to another level!

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